12th Annual Juried Member Show

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Ridgefield Guild of Artists’

12th Annual Member Juried Show

In-gallery and online show

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May 21 to June 19, 2022


Juror’s Statement

It is an honor and a joy to be a juror for an art exhibit. It’s an opportunity to see new creative visions and artistic implementation.  For the Ridgefield Guild of Artists Member show over 114 artists submitted work for consideration. The final exhibit shares art by 75 members. I saw a wide range of subjects and styles, mediums, and messages. When selecting art or artists, I always look for artwork which makes me feel something – happy, sad, curious or a sense of wonder – or art that takes me into another space or place. I believe that art has that extraordinary power to take the viewer on a journey. In some cases, I was drawn in by the materials and methods used to create the final piece. In other works, I wanted to dive into a landscape or into the mind of the created portrait or figure. In First Place, I selected Mona Rolla by Norm Siegel for the extraordinary realism of the world’s most famous portrait, the Mona Lisa, combined with the humor and imagined process of it being a painting created by a roller. It generated a simultaneous feeling of awe…and laughter. And of course, it brought a smile to my face. The Second Prize was awarded to Epic by Brian Shaw. This engaging Elephant is created through collaged paper. I loved exploring the work closely to see key words including “Life” and knowing it is an eco-conscious recycled artwork using pieces of paper from magazines, newspapers, brochures and more. It reinforced the sense of saving the planet and endangered animals, while creating an emotional connection through the eye contact and the range of blue tones. The Third Place was awarded to Kathleen Fay’s Water Cloud #1 for creating a space of optimism and hope as one looks up through the trees into the sky.

– Lisa Cooper

For more information about our juror, visit www.elisacontemporaryart.com.


Congratulations to our accepted artists!

Important Dates:
• Exhibition Closes: Sunday, June 19th at 4pm
• Pick-up of all unsold work*: Sunday, June 19th from 4-5pm and Monday, June 20th from 2-4pm
Please direct all questions to: rgoa.exhibitions@gmail.com.