Week 1 – June 24 – 28: Printmaking 101

What is printmaking, you ask?  It is the activity of making pictures or designs by printing them on plates or blocks. If you can push paint around with a brush then you can make unique one of a kind prints.  We will use Akua inks and water soluble crayons. All materials are non-toxic and dishwashing […]

Week 2 – June 8-12: Cartooning

This week, the children’s creative freedom and imagination will be encouraged to express their own ideas. We will work with the basics of cartooning and animation to create characters, make them interact and place them in a setting.   The fundamentals of drawing the human and animal figures to create a personality with humor by […]

Week 3 – July 15 – 19: Summer Fun with Mixed Media

Your kids will explore the art of Pariscraft, building either their own self portrait bust form or someone special to them.  Pariscraft is a form of sculpture using non-toxic, fast drying cotton gauze and plaster. Once formed, they will be embellished with hats, hair and more!  This week we will also explore crayon resist, a technique of […]