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Coming of Age

April 9 – May 8, 2022

Meet the Artists- Friday May 6, 5-7pm

Guest Curator: Nancy Moore


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“What happens to the passion, vision, and creative drive of visual artists as they age?” The answers to this question are as varied and deep as the work of the 70+ artists, over the age of 60, who are represented in “Coming of Age.”

This is an invitational show that features men and women who are alive in their work, vital in their practice, and communicating through their creativity.  Although age is the unifying factor in this exhibition, which celebrates a wide array of mediums and subject matter—the art itself is not about aging. What ties the show to the subject is the words that hang next to the work: all the creators have written about their experiences as artists “of a certain age.” Some are struggling, some thriving. Some are doing both.

Viewers walking through this exhibition will notice that the walls are bursting with vibrant work by a host of dedicated and brilliantly talented artists. Their age is incidental to their work, and that is the point. Because when you read the words that accompany their work, you’ll discover that they have much to say on the subject of aging and making art.


June Ahrens

Sally Aldrich

Jocelyn Armstrong

Nina Bentley

Suzanne Benton

Meredith Bergmann

Meg Bloom

Nancy Breakstone

Michael Brennecke

Debra K. Browne

Karin Bruckner

Miggs Burroughs

Trace Burroughs

Sharon Cavagnolo

Ann Chernow

Jennifer Davies

Randi Jane Davis

Peggy Dembicer

Mary Pat Devine

Charles Douthat

Alanna Fagan

Susan Fehlinger

Elizabeth Finkelstein

Cecilia Moy Fradet

Claire Watson Garcia

Dave Gesualdi

Leslie Giuliani

Gayle Gleckler

Shiela Hale

Mary Harold

Judy Henderson

Mindy Horn

Niki Ketchman

Lucy Krupenye

Nancy Lasar

Julie Leff

Susan Leggitt

Jane Lubin

Fruma Markowitz

Janice Mauro

Cindi Mullins

Erin Nazzaro

Melissa Newman

nancy O

Julie O’Connor

Steve Parton

Chris Perry

Lori Petchers

Steve Pomerantz

Marilyn Richeda

Scott Richter

Ellen Schiffman

Susan Sharp

Norm Siegel

Pam Smilow

Judith Steinberg

Eve Stockton

Tina Sturges

Florence Suerig

Dick Taylor

Rachel Volpone

Deborah Weiss

Karen Weissman

Joan Wheeler

Hans Wilhelm

Nancy Woodward

Tony Woolner