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Oil Painting: Fast and Simple with Rick Daskam. Sunday April 22nd, 10am-4pm


Oil Painting: Fast and Simple with Rick Daskam

Have you ever wondered why the painting you finished in a short amount of time has a freshness and vibrancy that you love? Many times, we get lost in the details breaking up the big shapes and think more details will help.  More often than not, they don’t help.  In fact, they can make it worse.

In this one-day workshop, we will strive for that freshness and vibrancy by working on four small “Speed Paintings”, the “25 Strokes Painting” and a “Still Life” set-up.

In the “Speed Paintings” exercise, we will paint for only 20-30 minutes each.  This will encourage you to put down only what you see without getting lost in the multitude of details.

With the “25 Strokes” exercise, we will focus on massing shapes together, with a minimum of strokes.  You think about what you want to do and once you lift the brush off the canvas…that is one stroke!  This exercise will help you to stop “petting” the canvas and massing large shapes together.

Lastly, and with enough time, we will paint a small, simple Still Life and conclude the day with a group critique.

Bring a lunch, because it will be a full day!

**Please note: this workshop is for an intermediate oil painter.**


Supply List:

Oil Paints: Titanium White,  Black,  Aliz. Crimson,  Cad. Red Light,  Yellow Ocher,  Cad. Yellow Light,  Viridian, Thalo Green and Thalo Blue.

• Brushes: Pick-up any professional brand such as Utrecht, Grumbacher Robert Simons or Winsor Newton.  Buy natural bristle brushes and Flats or Filberts, #2, #4, and #6

• Canvas Panels: Three – One  12 x 16, one 9 x 12 and one  11 x 14.

• Thinner and Linseed Oil: Turpenoid  and  2 small containers to put them in

• Cotton Rags