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Recycled Jewelry Creations with Amy Levitan Sunday, November 4, 12-4pm


Recycled Jewelry Creations with Amy Levitan

Amy will show you how much fun and creative you can be when you bring in a bag of your costume or old jewelry that’s been sitting in your jewelry box unworn for years!  Amy will work with you on designs and concepts from your jewelry. Discussing different choices of what you can make into earrings, rings, or necklaces. Learn how to recycle your old unworn jewelry into exciting fashionable conversation pieces that you will be excited to wear.

Supplies you will need:

  • Bag of your old jewelry.
  • Towel to keep beads and jewels from rolling around.
  • If you own, please bring a needle nose plier, flat nose plier, wire cutter and crimper. (If not, no worries!  We will have some on hand)