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The Ridgefield Guild of Artists’

45th Annual Juried Exhibition

Saturday, September 17, 2022 – Sunday, October 16, 2022

To view the Show online, please click here.


Congratulations to our Prize Winners!

1st  Patti Goldberg Ettinger: The Sky Is Falling (Installation). Paper machè $3,000.00

2nd  Scott Glaser: ‘We Are Tired of Being Beaten…’ -John Lewis. Fabric bandages on Arches watercolor paper $25,000.00

3rd Tim Nighswander: Peony #34. Photography $1,800.00

HM Dina Belyayeva: Screen Time. Acrylic $600.00

HM Michele Gage: On the Aisle. Watercolor on paper $1,000.00

HM Eddie Hall: Martin. Acrylic on recycled window $1,450.00  

HM Rick Tango: Farm Life. Color photo printed on archival paper $450.00


“The process of jurying the show you are about to experience started as a visual dive into an abundance of riches. The 300+ submissions (from artists near and far, it’s worth noting) were explorations in materiality, thematic approach, process, and the realities of time, culture, and lived experience. Working through the volume and depth of submissions was no easy task, and after many rounds of review, I am delighted to share with you sum of the past many weeks of collaborative effort. Reviewing artworks digitally is something I’m quite used to. In fact, stewarding the experience of artworks across digital expanses is what I’ve done for the past many years in my daily work. In working on this show with the Guild, I was reminded of why I entered into this industry so many years ago. Seeing a show come to life from jpeg to opening sets the senses aflame. And so can experiencing an exhibition in person. The artists in this year’s show are intrepid voyagers in color, texture, medium, and space. They are bold reporters of time and place. Let us now match their daring spirit together as viewers, as patrons, as friends, and as supporters. Look closely at each work- then dare to take a few steps back and look again. Dive into the medium, the color, the theme, how the work affects your space. Let your own senses take flame. Enjoy the exploration. My sincerest thanks to the Guild for their tireless efforts in launching this 45th anniversary exhibition, and to the artists- those who submitted, and those whose work is here for you all now- thank you for daring to do what you do. Please don’t stop.”

Colleen Cash
VP Auctions, Artnet


Please join us for our 45th Annual Juried show Walk & Talk!


Important Dates: 

Pickup of Unsold Work*: Sunday, October 16 from 4 – 5pm & Monday, October 17 from 2 – 4 pm:

*All work must be picked by during the noted pickup times or a $20 late fee will be applied. The Guild cannot be responsible for work left behind. 


Please direct all questions to:  rgoa.exhibitions@gmail.com.