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9th Annual Juried Member Show

May 18 to June 23, 2019


The Ridgefield Guild of Artists thanks all of the artists who entered this years’ Juried Member Show and congratulates those who were accepted. We had 379 entries by 139 artists. Our Juror worked hard to select the best of all of the entrants and to create a truly wonderful exhibition of the latest work by Guild members.


prizes first name last name title material
Frederick Bannerot IV ‘What Chord?’ Havana, Cuba Archival ink & acid-free art paper
Karen Beck-Fink Rhapsody Acrylic on Canvas
Lisa Berger Rise and Shine Photography on Archival Paper
Lisa Berger Railcar Repose Photography on Archival Paper
Paul Berger Levers of Power Photography on Archival Paper
Cindy Bernier Sunnyside Acrylic on canvas
Sonia Bombart Agave Mixed Media on Canvas
Sonia Bombart Black Swans Dance Mixed Media on Canvas
Nancy Breakstone Fleeing In The Sand Archival Ink-Jet Photograph
Nancy Breakstone Willows In The Sand Archival Ink-Jet Photograph
Janine Brown The Wallflower Project: Teresa II Wallpaper, Pinhole Photograph, Aluminum, Wood
Bevi Bullwinkel Dancing Rice Paper Collagee–Mixed Media
Bevi Bullwinkel Promise of Spring Water-mixable oil
Miggs Burroughs Adam and Eve Lenticular
Trace Burroughs Mind and Body Mixed Media
Trace Burroughs Feel The Heat Mixed Media
Judith Challis Night Moves Oil and Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Heidi Lewis Coleman Currents Acrylic on Canvas
Cynthia Delaney Cane Chaos Acrylic on Canvas
Ted DeToy MAN’S WORLD Acrylic on Canvas
Kiffi Diamond Center Stage Paper, Acrylic, Metal on Wood Panel
Kiffi Diamond The Meeting Paper, Acrylic, Metal on Wood Panel
3rd Carol Fay Steppin’ Out Oils, Aluminum Metal Leaf, Oil Gilding, Birch Wood Panel, Traditional Gesso
Heide Follin Tidewrack Graphite and Acrylic Paint on #300 Watercolor Paper
Scott Glaser Suits #1 Mens Suit Fabric on Arches Watercolor Paper
Scott Glaser Roberta Smith and Jerry Saltz Fabric Bandages on Arches Watercolor Paper
Gayle Gleckler Seaside Greek Village Acrylic on Canvas
Bill Gore Painting Color Pigment Ink Print, on Ilford GFS Archival Paper
Chrissanth Greene-Gross Want to Dance? Charcoal and Pastel on Paper
Chrissanth Greene-Gross Pentimento Charcoal and Conte on Paper
Mary Harold BLINK: Trees & Rock Photo Collage
Alice Hayes Sherry Girls Selfie Oil on Canvas
Jennifer Mone Hill Going Deep Acrylic on Canvas
Kirsti Holtan Farmers’ Market Metal
1st Jean Krasno Isn’t This a Lovely Day Mixed Media: Paper Collage, Lithograph, Pencil, Oil Pastel
Jean Krasno Let’s Get Lost Mixed Media: Paper Collage, Lithograph, Pencil, Oil Pastel
Lucy Krupenye Message Metal
Denis Lau Yellow Haze Acrylic on Canvas
Barbara Loss UN Witchcraft Photograph, Archival Paper
Barbara Loss Darien’s Home, Caibarien, Cuba Photograph, Archival Paper
Shelley Lowell Visit Oil and Wax on Canvas
Dan Makara Jurassic Eden Lenticular Photo Collage
Fruma Markowitz Artist on Charles Bridge, Prague Photography
HM Suzanne Marsan Butterfly Graphite
HM to Artist Michael Mielech Dolomite Massif Archival Print
HM to Artist Michael Mielech Wyoming Minus Five Degrees Archival Print
Maureen Miller Jellybeans Colored Pencil
Erin Nazzaro Polka Dots Acrylic
Keven Nelson Island Girl Photography
Julie O’Connor We Will Always Have the Hotel de Medicis, Paris Digital Archival Photograph Sublimated to Aluminum
Emilya Padlowski Phantasy in Red Mixed Media on Canvas
Blake Reuter Ghost Riders in the Sky Acrylic on Canvas
Barbara Ringer Shell Life Metal Print
Robert Sachs Streets of New York Archival Pigment Print
Mark Schiff Wild Lilies Acrylic on Canvas
Amy Schott Operation Seaglass Marble Vintage Found Material
Amy Schott Willem’s Butterflies Vintage Found Material, Cigar Bands
HM Roberta Shea Emergence Oil
Steve Sholinsky atacama_2 Aluminum Satin Finish
Norm Siegel Crumpled #1 Oil on Canvas
HM Eileen Tavolacci Alejandro Oil on Linen
Ann Tetelman Hot Spots Pastels & Pastel Paper
Jean Tock Measure of a Man Yardsticks, Picture Frames, Vintage Magazine Images, Wood
Kris Toohey Summer Evening Oil on Canvas
Eric Urquhart Moulton Wood Mounted Photograph
2nd Richard Ventre Sara / Bach Coffee Cantata, 2 The Painted Nude, Photography, Photomontage.
Jackeuline Walters Natural Beauty Acrylic and Batik on Canvas
Lee Walther Winter Goddess Photo of Collaged Sculpture, Printed on Aluminum with Stones, Crystals, Mixed Media
Trish Wend Sonnet Oil on Panel
Joan Wheeler The Offering Oil on Birch
Tony Woolner Fountains In Nice Monoprint on Paper
Kathleen Wrampe Sunshine in My Pocket Acrylic on Canvas
George Zipparo Patricia Oil


Juror: Isabella Garrucho


Founder and President of Isabella Garrucho Fine Art and Art Services International in Greenwich, CT. Isabella has successfully led her own international art consulting company, Art Service International, for over 20 years. As president and founder, she was responsible for assembling art collections for numerous top Fortune 500 companies and private clients, hiring professional staff, and training of sales personnel of her company.

As an experienced and discreet art advisor, Isabella has worked diligently to help her established collectors and corporations in every aspect of the maintenance of their collections. She has offered impeccable advice to her clients on matters of research, connoisseurship, acquisitions, insurance, installations and sale of artwork.

Isabella prides herself on the ability to provide clients with the perfect selection of artwork, regardless of challenges or venue.

For more information, visit her website



Important Dates:

  • Deadline to apply online through Saturday, April 27 at 11:59pm
  • Notification of Accepted Works will be posted by Friday, May 3 via our website by 9pm:
  • Drop-off of Accepted Works: Friday, May 10, 2–4pm and Saturday, May 11, 2–4pm
  • Opening Reception: Saturday, May 18, 4–6pm
  • Final view and closing: Sunday, June 23, 2–4pm. Work may be picked up from 4–4:30pm.
  • Pick-up of unsold work*: Monday, June 24 from 2-4pm and Tuesday, June 25 from 5-7pm.
  • *All work must be picked up during regular pick-up hours. A $20 late fee will be applied for work left after regular pick up times. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cannot make these pick up times, please make arrangements with a friend or family member to take your work for you within the time frames given. The Guild cannot be responsible for work left behind.

For accepted artists:

The Guild’s 3-part entry form will be available to fill out when you bring your work for receiving.

All work must be hand delivered within the drop-off time period. No work will be accepted after the time period is over. No work will be accepted by mail.

All accepted work must remain for the duration of the show. No work may be removed for any reason before the closing.

At the end of the show all work must be picked up during the stated time periods. Any work left at the Guild after pick up has ended is subject to a $20 storage fee. If the artist cannot pick up, we will allow someone else to take work with the artist’s permission.

RGOA Policies/Sales & Indemnity

We reserve the right to refuse any accepted entries that are 1) improperly framed and/or 2) misrepresented in the photo submission.

Terms: 1) The Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Inc. (RGA) agrees to handle all exhibitors’ work with care and caution; however, RGA is not responsible for damage to or theft of any work brought for exhibit or left at the Guild after the duration of the show. 2) Sales Commission: 60% to artist, 40% to RGA. By submitting online, you agree to RGA’s terms and conditions, which is required for participation in an RGA exhibit.