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Celebrate! 50 Years of Art!

Our Annual Member Themed Show

January 13 – February 11, 2024

The Ridgefield Guild of Artists was formed by a group of local artists 50 years ago in 1974.  It was a different time, but they had a vision of an organization with a lasting mission: to bring art to the area, provide a place for artists to gather, a place to show their work, to make connections, perhaps learn a new medium, and provide the community with classes for both adults and children.

For this year’s members-only show, we invite all members to submit work inspired by the past 50 years. Pick a decade! For this show only, works created between 1974 and today will be accepted.

This show is open to members only.

This is not a juried show.

All work submitted is automatically accepted.

All work must be hand-delivered.

All work must be for sale.

Important Dates:

  • Deadline to Apply online through Entrythingy: Tuesday, January 2, 11:59pm
  • Drop Off: Friday, January 5, 2 to 4pm and Saturday, January 6, 2 to 4pm
  • Opening Reception: Saturday, January 13, 4 to 6pm
  • Last Viewing: Sunday, February 11, 12 to 4pm
  • Pick-up of all unsold work*: Sunday, February 11, 4 to 5pm and Monday, February 12, 2 to 4pm 

*A $20 late fee will be applied for works of art not picked up by 2/13/23. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cannot pickup on time, please make arrangements with a friend or family member to pick up your work for you. The Guild cannot be responsible for works left behind.

Entry Fees:

The show is open to all member artists aged 16 and older. 

Artists may submit up to 2 works.

Members: $20 for first piece and $10 for the second.

Non-members wishing to join, must do so prior to submitting their entries by going to https://rgoa.org/join-renew/.

Fees are nonrefundable and payable to RGA.

Please direct all EntryThingy questions to:



  • The Ridgefield Guild will only accept submissions through EntryThingy. Please scroll down.
  • Photos must be uploaded in EntryThingy in .jpeg format. File size is from 5 mb. max to 500kb minimum. The minimum image width is 500 px. 
  • Please make sure your information is correct at the time of submission. Changes will not be allowed once the submission process closes. 
  • All work must be hand delivered and picked up at the Guild, no mailed in work will be accepted.  

Guidelines for Artwork: 

  • Up to 2 works per artist may be submitted. 
  • Wall hung work can be 72 inches or smaller in any direction. Diptychs and triptychs may be no larger than 72 inches and are sold as one piece unless the artist pays a fee for each separate part. 
  • Pieces should be created no earlier than 1974 and not have been shown previously in the galleries. 
  • All work must be for sale.  
  • Original artwork only, please, no reproductions. 
  • Wall hung work must be securely wired with braided wire (unless there is an artistic reason to use another method) and ready for safe hanging. NO saw-tooth hangers. Any unsafe, non-professional framing, or presentation will not be accepted.  
  • Sculpture/Three-Dimensional work cannot be heavier than 150 lbs. and should be secure and stable on its base. We have a limited number of pedestals so yours would be appreciated. 
  • For Videos/Sound work, the artist must provide any equipment needed for installation.

For Accepted Artists:  

  • Please identify each work with a label/paper affixed to the back with your name, title, and contact information. 
  • All work must be hand delivered. No work will be accepted after the drop off period.  No work will be accepted by mail. 
  • All work must remain for the total duration of the show and may not be removed for any reason. 
  • All work must be collected during the pick-up period. If you cannot be there during those times, please make arrangements for someone to pick up for you. No Exceptions. Work left will incur a $20 late fee. The Guild cannot be responsible for work left behind. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse any accepted entries that are improperly framed and/or misrepresented in the submission information and/or photos. 

RGOA Polices/Sales and Indemnity: 

  • Sales commission is 60% to the artist and 40% to the Ridgefield Guild of Artists (RGA). The Guild will collect tax. 
  • Sale of any work that is part of this exhibition in our gallery, or work that is commissioned as a result of this show, must be processed through RGA for a period of sixty days following the conclusion of the show. 
  • By submitting online, you agree to RGA’s terms and conditions, which is required for participation in a RGA exhibit. 
  • RGA agrees to handle all exhibitor’s work with care and caution; however, RGA is not responsible for damage to, or theft of any work brought for exhibit or left at this Guild after the end of the pick-up period.

Please direct all questions to:  rgoa.exhibitions@gmail.com.