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  • Time:Thursdays 5-6 pm
  • Duration: Spring: 5 classes
  • Price $ 135 members $165 for non-members

Bookworms & Doodlebugs with Kristin Quell-Garguilo- Grades 3-7 -Thurs 5-6pm

Kristin Quell-Garguilio Archive: Elementary School Students

If you aspire to become a published book author and illustrator, we have the program for you. Under the guidance of published illustrator Kristin Quell-Garguilo, students will work in collaboration to develop a children’s book that will be self published at its completion. All students will be working toward one story together, a true community effort. Everyone will have the opportunity to write, create characters, and express their creativity.

This spring the course will be inspired by the artistic style of Henri Matisse. The story illustrations will feature paper layering among other skills. The course requires a waiver for publication of students work be signed by parent or legal guardian.  Every student will receive a published copy of the book. Additional copies will be purchasable online from at cost of publication (no profit). This program is best suited for grades 3rd to 7th.

SUPPLIES: Included

Kristin Quell-Garguilo is an artistic scientist. As a true Renaissance Woman, she dabbles in engineering, knitting, environmental science, sewing, geology, bread baking, sustainability and so much more. “I follow my interests with a fervent passion and have been lucky to have been given the opportunity to teach them.” Kristin has been teaching in both the sciences and arts for 15+ years.

Her credentials are as follows: a Masters of Science in Sustainable Systems, two Bachelors of Science, one in Geology and another in Environmental Science, and Certifications in Ecosystems Services, Plant Based Nutrition, and Hazardous Waste Material. She is currently a Professor of Sustainable Sciences at SUNY Westchester Community College.

Fall I: 5 wks – 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/17, 10/24

Cost: $135 members  $165 non-members

Fall II: 4 wks – 11/7, 11/14, 11/21, 12/5 (MU 12/19)

Please email for more information or to register.