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  • Dates:Sunday, November 10
  • Time:12-3 pm
  • Price $ 90 Members / $100 Non-members

Color Theory and Watercolor with Cindy Delaney

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Color Theory and Watercolor
with Cindy Delaney

Sunday, November 10, 2019

12:00-3:00 pm

Cost:  $90 member / $100 nonmember


The structure of a painting can be defined through application and technique of a medium but it’s voice is the color. Color is cultural, it’s objective and it’s powerful. Color may determine tone, mood, temperature and can convey feelings, time and atmosphere.

Watercolor is an incredibly versatile medium that can project hues in complex and unexpected ways. Join us for this workshop where we will start to look at the science of color, how we view it and how it may apply to watercolor and other aqua mediums. We’ll discuss color mixing and ways to utilize color theory and the attributes of watercolor to create layers of complexity, interest and excitement. In this workshop we will explore the layering and building up of color and intensity by utilizing an underpainting. We will create pieces that play with how you can interpret and portray color, light and temperature through provided studies. This workshop is best suited for beginner to intermediate watercolorists.


Supply list provided upon registration.


Please note that this workshop has been cancelled.


Cindy Delaney received a BFA from the University of Connecticut with concentrations in Illustration and Design. After time spent working as a designer in advertising and packaging agencies she spent the past few years moving her focus back to art. Her works main focus is watercolor and acrylic with subjects that range from quirky still life to urban landscapes, conveying a strong sense of space and place. She loves finding inspiration in artists and subjects that push her out of her comfort zone, propelling her to expand her approach in medium and technique. After years of work, she still considers her Color Theory class as one of the most pivotal and inspirational and she is excited to help people look at something in a new way.