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  • Week Options:WEEK 3: July 17-July 21 Half Day 10AM-12PM
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Jewelry Design – Half Day

Lessley Burke Archive: Summer programs

Come spend a week exploring some fun and simple ways to make that bright sparkly stuff called jewelry! Children will start out learning how to make simple earrings and bracelets using pliers, colored copper and brass wire and a box full of beads.  Then we’ll bring out some colorful bottle caps, resin (aka 2 part epoxy from the hardware store), sparkles and anything else to make colorful scatter pins. We will also explore drawing on metal with PrismaColor pencils to create unique earrings and pendants.  Finally, everyone will have the opportunity to learn how to solder copper and brass wire together to create more complex pieces.


Lessley Burke, owner of The Gilded Lynx, a jewelry and metal works shop on Ridgefield’s Main Street, teaches many workshops and classes for children and adults.   She has been making beautiful things for a long time and loves to share her talents with the community.

Ages 8-15

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