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  • Week 4:Jul 29-Aug 2, AM/PM or Full Day
  • Price $ 205- 405 Members / $215-425 Non-Members

Creative WEAVING, WRAPPING and KNOTS!: WEEK 4 – Ages 8-15

Dawn Hettrich Archive: Summer programs

Wrapping and Knots are related fiber art forms and you will learn how to wrap almost everything… a ring or a necklace, a multicolored cord of rope or even a chair!  You will learn different knots and create a Good Fortune sculptural wall for the RGOA garden.

Learn the basics of weaving using a simple picture frame and graduate to weaving on a floor loom in one week! Weave, Wrap and Knot to express your creative talents through textile ART.

We will weave a miniature tapestry using colorful and found materials to explore your personal point of view. You will learn the hidden secret behind repeating patterns and create original structures. We will create an original textile, hand weaving various structures on a multi-colored warp.

All levels of experience are welcome. Kids will take away an informative notebook, a small-scale tapestry, examples of knots and wrappings and hand woven textile from the floor loom!

Dawn Hettrich is a Master Weaver and has many clients in the textile industry. She has been an adjunct instructor at FIT launching many careers in the fashion world.


Ages 8-15

Week 4: July 29-August 2, Full day, or AM/PM Session.

Full day (10:00am-3:00pm) or 1/2 day (10:00am-12:00pm) OR (1:00pm-3:00pm)


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