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  • Time:Thursday, 9:30am-12:30pm
  • Duration :Fall Schedule coming soon
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Exploration in Still Life Painting with Rick Daskam – ON HOLD- Thursdays 9:30-12:30

Rick Daskam On Hold Adult

In this class, students will paint from still life arrangements provided by the instructor. In addition, Rick will mix in arrangements and lessons based on works of the masters.  Matisse, Picasso, Morandi, and Theibaud, among others, will be explored, and used as inspiration for student work. Most classes will start with a discussion, sometimes a demonstration, but always with individual critiques and encouragement throughout the class.   This class teaches students to interpret and relate color, and to sharpen their ability to see and simplify still life subjects into masses of value and color. Appropriate for both oil and acrylic painters.


If you are new to painting, the easiest thing to buy is a pre-made paint box with paints and brushes included. You usually can buy a box of either oils or acrylics with an assortment of brushes, mediums and palette for about $100 through either Utrecht or Jerry’s Artarama. The boxes are made of wood and usually are around 16 x 20 inches and have a space for canvas boards and a palette.

Titanium white – large tube
Alizarin crimson
Cadmium red light
Cadmium yellow light
Yellow ochre
Burnt umber
Ultramarine blue
Phthalo blue
Phthalo green

Canvases 12×16 or 16×20 inch
Paper towels or cotton rags

For Oils
Odorless turpentine
Medium cups

For Acrylics
Plastic container for water
Paper palette

The best brushes I have found are Robert Simmons Signet filbert bristle brushes. They have beige handles with green tips. Buy a couple of each in varying sizes (#2, #4, #6).
About Rick Daskam:

Currently, Rick Daskam is co-president of the Hudson Valley Art Association. In 2004 he began entering Juried Art Exhibitions and museum shows. Preferring to express his passion in oil, Mr. Daskam’s works have garnered him numerous awards including the, The Collectors Award from the Butler Museum of American Art, the Claude Parsons Memorial Award for Landscape from the American Artists Professional League, and the Frank Vincent Dumond Award for Best Light and Atmospheric Effect from The Hudson Valley Art Association. In 2019, Rick was the Artist of the Year on Monhegan Island with a solo show at the Island Inn. To view Rick’s Work go to