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About the Residency (AIR)

A little background…..

When the pandemic hit last year and we had to shutter our great Guild barn studios from holding in person classes, we decided to make lemonade out of lemons. We took the opportunity to offer one of our studios to artists to use as their own for an Artist-in-Residence program. We sent out a call for artists and chose, through a juried process, five artists to share the space over a years time in 10 week increments.

The A-I-R will culminate with an in gallery exhibit this coming summer for the artists to share the body of work they have created during their residency.


Liz Leggett

Residency dates:
November 15, 2020 – January 22, 2021

My painting is predominantly process-oriented, and my canvases serve as an arena for speed, tension, destruction, rebuilding and grappling with expectations of conformity and control. Surface accidents and spontaneous forms are encouraged as I often apply the materials aggressively and haphazardly. I then may refine areas to establish structure and suggest imagery. However, I continuously play with abstraction and ambiguity so the work remains open for interpretation, meaning and an overall visceral response. Ultimately, I strive to relay a feeling of exaltation, joy and hope.

The Ridgefield Guild’s residency provided an outstanding opportunity to pursue my studio practice after a very challenging year due to the pandemic. The Ridgefield Guild had a creative and productive solution to utilize an unused space in their building by offering this spontaneous residency to local artists. It was not only an incredibly productive time for me to process such unprecedented times and create a new body of work, but enabled me to get out of my home studio, and break the tedium that many of us felt due lockdowns, and remote work and learning. The paintings and drawings I made as a result of this residency opportunity brought about a new body of work that I continue to pursue–and as I continue to process the times we continue to navigate. 

Liz Leggett

To learn more about Liz and to view her work, visit her website here


Clarice Shirvell

Residency dates:
January 24 – April 2, 2021

I feel very fortunate to be able to express myself through the visual arts. I sketch whenever I have a moment; a pad and micron pen are with me wherever I go. Sketching is calming and meditative for me, as well as makes me see the world around me and appreciate its beauty in something that may be over looked in a busy life.”

Over the past few years I have turned to painting in acrylics. En plein aire or in a studio, studying clouds and landscapes, showing my love of nature and hiking and slowly evolving towards more expressionistic works.

I knew I would benefit from a studio residency; solitude is such an important factor for creativity. I knew having a studio would allow me immediate access to my materials, not waste time packing and unpacking gear. I knew a studio would allow me to work larger and draw on big paper on the wall and use multimedia. So, I applied for the Artist in Residence program at Ridgefield Guild of Artists.

The opportunity turned out to be more than expected. The studio was my oasis, free from daily worries and obligations. The setting so peaceful with a running trail in the back to clear my mind. I did a lot of writing and meditating and produced 16 finish pieces in my 10-week period.

The solitude allowed me an uninhibited unleashing of my inner self and my spirit. I allowed myself to play, experiment and work on ideas which I could once only dream of and now was able to execute the projects.

My themes therefore include Meditation in Motion series, which was my proposal as well as a Dreaming series, and a Spirituality series both probably developed from my experience of RGOA Artist in Residence.

I am so grateful for this experience, thank you Ridgefield Guild of Artists for supporting local artists especially during this time of Covid. I look forward to the AiR Art Exhibit in the Gallery come August 2021.
Clarice Shirvell

To learn more about Clarice and to view her work, visit her website here


Cynthia DiGiacomo & Rachel Volpone
April 4 – June 11, 2021

Patricia Pedraza
June 13 – August 20, 2021

To learn more about our Artist-in-Residence programs, please reach out to us HERE