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Satellite Galleries 

Satellite Galleries are off-site exhibition spaces managed by the Guild as a benefit for members. All members are encouraged to sign up with the Satellite Gallery Program.

Contact the Guild or email for further info.


32 Prospect Street, Ridgefield

RGA Presents

Amy Shaw

Now through January

Amy Shaw just installed her series of dessert paintings, depicting delicious pastries and treats, at Nature’s Temptation,

where they will be available for purchase through January.



Currently showing

multiple exposure photography by Margrit Schwarz

Now – January

Margrit Schwarz is a photographer working at the intersection of art and science. Forever fascinated by shapes, forces, and patterns in both natural and urban environments,

she uses intentional camera movement and multiple exposure techniques to create images that convey transition, motion, and a sense of directional chaos.

The challenge of abstracting the essence of a scene is the driving force behind Margrit’s photographic work.