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As we all shelter in place, many of us find we may have more time to create, to do what it is we do. Many have studios at home, some dedicated rooms, some working in spaces that others use as well, while some have studios outside the home.

We want to know what you are doing with all this time. Are you finding yourself in the studio more than usual? Are you inspired by the new paradigm, or totally stymied, blocked by worry and concern for yourself and your family?

Art can, and is, used for therapy, to help people, both the viewers and most especially the creators, find ways to deal with the things that are the source of anxiety and stress.


We’d love to hear what you are doing,

then share your story for all to be inspired by.



Here’s how it works:

1) Email us here to get started. We will send you a list of questions for you to answer. In a word doc. or in the body of an email let us know your responses.

2) Include in your response a few pictures of your studio and what you are working on now. You can also, if so inclined, make a short (very short–less than 2 minutes) video of your studio and responses.

3) We will post these “studio” visits on our website for all to enjoy, featuring artists who respond.