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Joe Fig and his book, Inside the Painter’s Studio, resonated with many Guild members after he spoke about a year ago at the Ridgefield Library during the ARTalk series.

Inspired by Fig’s book, our Senior Intern Catherine Murray quickly began work on a web project that would feature many Guild member artists and their studios.  Catherine came up with interesting questions and then met with many member artists throughout the Spring.  She has compiled her work for our website.  As Catherine is a photographer she was also able to incorporate photos into her project.  Please visit our website throughout the Summer and check out the featured artists.  We think it’s fascinating to get a peek into an artist’s life by seeing their studio.  So, check back often to see some artists you may know, where they work and how they are inspired.

Click below to learn more about the studio life of the Ridgefield Guild of Artists’ members …

Antonio Munoz Studio Tour

Kim Hanna Studio Tour

Mary Louise O’Connell Studio Tour

Francie Ashforth Studio Tour

Pam Stoddart Studio Tour

Nancy Moore Studio Tour

Rachel Volpone Studio Tour

Sally Aldrich Studio Tour

Tina Sturges Studio Tour

Cindi Mullins Studio Tour

Jean Tock Studio Tour

Adelka Polak & Justin Perlman Studio Tour

Roy Weinstein Studio Tour

Constance Old Studio Tour

Erin Nazzaro Studio Tour