Course Information

  • Time:Tues, 10am-1pm
  • Duration :Fall I: 8 weeks / Fall II: 7 weeks
  • Price $ 252-288 Member - $322-368 Non-member

Developing Better Oil Paintings with Rich Alexander: Tuesdays 10am-1pm

Rich Alexander In person

Rich Alexander’s oil painting class will study the basic techniques for developing an oil painting concentrating mainly on the still life. Drawing skills, color relationships, value, design and edges will be emphasized and taught and used to enhance the oil painting experience. A strong emphasis will be the development of drawing skills. Students of every […]

Course Information

  • Time:Tues, 6-9pm. Sat, 10am-1pm
  • Duration :Fall I: 8 weeks /Fall II: 7 weeks Tues & 6 Sat
  • Price $ 288-252 Member - $322-368 Non-member

Monotype & Intaglio Printmaking with Anthony Kirk – IN PERSON: Tuesdays 6-9pm OR Saturdays 10am-1pm

Anothony kirk In person

The class will first focus on monotype printmaking using Akua inks and water soluble crayons. Participants need not have previous experience. If you can push paint around with a brush then you can make unique one of a kind prints. Midway through the session a safer technique to make etchings will be introduced. These can […]

Course Information

  • Time:Wednesdays, 10am-1pm
  • Duration :Fall I: 7 weeks / Fall II: 6 weeks
  • Price $ 216-252 Member -$276-322 Non-member

Realism to Abstraction in the Landscape with Randi Jane Davis : Wednesdays 10am-1pm

Randi Jane Davis In person

Thru application of composition and design the student will learn the principles to develop their painting.  How to describe value color and atmosphere  will be learned.   The student will also  experience mark making and creating a dynamic surface.  Applying all the elements of painting the landscape  the art student will develop they’re individual style […]

Course Information

  • Time:Thursdays 10am-1pm
  • Duration:Fall I: 6 weeks / Fall II: 5 weeks
  • Price $ 180-216 members / $230-276 non-members

Watercolor Basics and Beyond with Cindy Delaney – Thursdays 10:00-1:00

Cindy Delaney In person

This course is for students of all levels.  All students, no matter their level, will learn the amazingly diverse medium of watercolor techniques. There will be demonstrations, explorations and discussions around aqua mediums, color theory and techniques aimed to build confidence and achieve each student’s goals. Classes are taught outside under the tent.

Course Information

  • Time:Fridays 11am-2pm
  • Duration:Fall I: 7 classes / Fall II: 6 classes
  • Price $ 216-252 members / $276-322 non-members

Finding Your Voice—Acrylic Abstract Painting with Rachel Volpone – Fridays 11am-2pm

Rachel Volpone In person

This class is for painters who would like to explore the possibilities of opening up their work to abstraction, whether by maintaining a sense of realism or moving into non-objectivity. Focus will be in finding an authentic way to express ideas as well as challenging the way of viewing and making art. Reference materials like […]